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10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $2500

Mountain biking is nonetheless an amazing sport that allows you to explore distinct landscapes, and feel a rush of adrenaline. There are plenty of mountain bikes available in the market today at many different price points, and it can be difficult to find which one is worth it.

Finding the right size and picking up the right design, deciding between hardtail or full-suspension and contrasting features are some of the usual factors that overwhelm the consumers when they go on to find a perfect mountain bike.

In this article, our team has reviewed some of the best mountain bikes under 2500 dollars available in the market, so you can make the right purchase decision.

Best mountain bikes under 2500 dollars

Bike NameWheelsBrakesPrice
1. El OSO Fat Bike Hardtail 26"Hydraulic Disc
2. Steppenwolf Tundra26"Avid XX 180
3. Montague Paratrooper27.5"Hydraulic Disc
4. Instinct 930 MSL27"Shimano M506
5. Schwinn Searcher28"Alloy V-Brake
6. SLM 29 1.329"Hydraulic Disc
7. Stradalli 29er29"Shimano M8000
8. Clutch 1 WLG27.5"TRP Slate X2
9. Pedal Army Green26"Cable Disc
10. Boot’r Down Hill Bicycle27.5"Hydraulic Disc

1. Diamondback Bicycles El OSO Fat Bike Hardtail

“It is best for entry-level bikers”

  • Reasonable price if we consider features
  • Huge wheels overcome traction
  • Lightweight improves the manoeuvrability
  • It has different sizes to adjust yourself
  • Easy to handle
  • Not for the intermediate level riders
  • It has low responsiveness
  • Tires are bulky

Here comes our first strong contender of mountain bikes. Weighing only 38 pounds, this gives you an idea that is not a bulky bike. However, the series of El Oso is costly, but the features are sufficient enough to add value in a bike, which can worth your investment.

Thankfully, these enormous tires of 26×4.0 inches are wide enough to deal with obstacles quite easily. The tires can make you little unworried about the rocky terrains that might be your way.

This bike is installed with the superior Shimano M7000 hydraulics discs brakes, which are power-packed enough to keep your momentum in check.

1 x 11 Shimano drive train along with a Shimano M8000 Shadow Plus shifter set and 20 speeding gears is just above all. It is one of the top-quality shifters available in the market that keeps the minimum interaction with the front derailleurs.  

The specialty is the flimsy frame and fork, and resilience in this bike. The fork helps in encountering the mountain slope quite easily. Also, the front suspension system works flawlessly and doesn’t make you feel tight on the rough trails.

This bike is also available in the mini version, which means it would be pretty easier for your family to cruise as it has different variations available.

Final Verdict

Being in the list of best mountain bikes under 2500 dollars, Diamondback El Oso is considered suitable for the entry-level bikers that want to make out the winters fascinating. With just a few small upgrades it would get better in improving your journey. At this price, you won’t regret it as the bike includes all the features that can satisfy you.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Diamondback Bicycles El Oso
  • Suspension: 100mm, 34mm Stanchion
  • Wheels: 95mm Wide w/ 50mm Cutouts
  • Frame: 6061-T6 Dual roofed Aluminum
  • Brakes: M700 Hydraulic discs brakes

2. Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race/Pro

“An ideal choice for outdoor sports”

  • Multiple pricing options
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • High-quality performance
  • Good flexibility
  • Brake callipers demand to adjust
  • The saddle may be unsuitable for some customers
  • It comes with only 1 colour

Are you looking for a bike that is not a boatload of cash and let you go freely on the rugged terrains? Well, this might be a perfect choice to consider.

Thanks to the Carbon composite, this makes the bike much lightweight and allows the rider for a quicker, convenient, and smooth ride on the treks.

 The durable frame of Tundra is light that gives the resilience to your cruise and assists the rider in various sports races including mountain biking, marathon, and enduro events.  If it is uphill, downhill or a straightforward road, this will help you to deal with every road condition. The bike is compatible with high-end treks.

Although, Tundra is a strong bike and the flimsy in material that makes it more suitable for the marathons and cross-country race, which backs the agility by the steep steering angle and short rear section.

It comes with the reliable, durable brakes with a cockpit. Tundra has inbuilt Avid Elixir 3 brakes for instant stopping. These brakes benefit you on the smooth surfaces as well as on the rugged terrains.

The most fascinating part about this tundra is the 30-speed Shimano drive train. These combinations conclude the performance that Tundra produces. The SRAM X0 shifters, SRAM X0 175mm crankset along with a 36/22t, and finally both SRAM X0 derailleur functions simultaneously to provide exceptional performance, you can achieve at this rate.

Also, this hardtail bike is embedded with SRAM PC1091/SRAM X0 chain and the SRAM PC1091/PG1070 10 speed cassette along with 11-36t. The gears and cassettes let the biker manage every situation quite easily.

If you love to thrill or want to seek out some fun, then this might be the right product for you. This Tundra does well in the uphill tracks and the dirt areas so take it out and enjoy the moment.

Unlike the other bikes, this Tundra bike is already assembled, which means you don’t have to waste time in assembling the components or call over a professional to get this sorted out, saving your time, value, and money.

It includes the things that can help you undergo an enjoyable journey, which involves tapered headset, MTN handle, Seatpost, and the 90mm is all you need to have a comfortable experience.

Final Verdict

Investing in this bike would actually worth your investment if you want to take your riding on another level. Worried about the saddle? If it seems uncomfortable to users, you get the option of replacing it as well. But, it continues to offer top-notch performance with its Carbon frame, drives the train, and brakes. You don’t need to be strict on budget, as it comes at a reasonable price. This is one of the best mountain bikes under 2500 dollars.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race
  • Suspension: Fox Float CTD Remote suspension with 140 mm
  • Wheels: Schurmann SDR Disc wheels
  • Frame: RockShox Reba RL 100 mm
  • Brakes: Avid XX 180/180 mm brakes

3. Montague Paratrooper Mountain Bike

“Best for the aggressive riders”

  • Handles off-road trails including hindrances and bumps
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Best pick for travel, as it’s easy to store it in cars, planes, boats, and trucks
  • Ideal for mountain trails
  • Quickest folding time classic for riders on the go
  • The position of the handlebar stem is too low
  • Tires provide the best benefit off-roads
  • A bit higher price as compared to other competitors

The Montague Paratrooper is a full-size folding bike. It’s not only rugged and durable but it can fold into a compact size, which helps prevents the frames from breakage during folding and supports you with the DirectConnect system, coordinating a quick-release lever for folding time improvement.

The wheels are 27.5” robust and hefty, which helps to establish a great contact point with the ground. Once folded, the Paratrooper comes to dimensions 38x28x12 supporting its storage in a trunk or back seat.

The Montague Paratrooper includes Shimano XT drivetrain. The top tier groupset serves smooth and accurate shifting every time making you feel the difference on every shift.

The Paratrooper Elite features Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes for exceptional trail performance and steady stopping power.

Front suspension, the RockShox Reba RLT, and shocks are indulged in the provision of support and cushioning effect on bumpy ways. The Shimano XT trigger shifters allow for an efficient transition during changes in incline.

The Montague Paratrooper is equipped with the CLIX Wheel Release system. There is also a patented release system that favors easy wheel removal with one hand only.

The Montague Paratrooper comes with a RackStand placed on the rear wheel useful to carry bags or serve as a kickstand for the bike. The attached quick-release button allows the rotation of Rack stands under the wheel making it a kickstand or work stand.

The Montague Paratrooper makes you have a ball on the sport of mountain biking due to it being lightweight and tough on every trail.

Final Verdict

The Montague Paratrooper excels in its robust design. It is a full-size bike with a relatively lighter and comfortable structure providing the best ride in tough terrains. The folding capability of this bike places it on a superior level. So, if you’re looking for a hardtail folding mountain bike, this is a great pick.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9.4/10
  • Bike Name: Montague Paratrooper Elite
  • Suspension: RockShox Reba RLT suspension fork featuring 100mm travel
  • Wheels: 27.5” x 2.10” Maxxis M309 Crossmark
  • Frame: Custom drawn 7005 Series Aluminum with DirectConnect System
  • Brakes: Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes. 160mm motors

4. Rocky Mountain Instinct 930 MSL Mountain Bike

Best for adventurous riders”

  • Lack of tube means punctures are rare to be formed
  • Lighter
  • 130mm fork
  • Internal cable routing
  • More of a racing bike
  • The wheels may be too big for some riders

The versatility of the 2016 Rocky Mountain Instinct is unparalleled; the wide range of RIDE-9 geometry and suspension makes it very simple to tackle any bumps and restraints on the terrain by dialing on the geometry.

The Rocky Mountain Instinct is equipped with BC2 Pivots, unlike other bushings these patented systems control the contact of exhausting surfaces accelerating ease in maintenance and rear-end stiffness.

Rocky Mountain Instinct comes with Race face Aeffect Cinch ranks for the handling of rigors of trail riders. Moreover, the Shimano SLX 1×11 drivetrain allows for various gearing options, giving you access to travel on every condition.

The Rocky Mountain Instinct features Shimano hydraulic disc brakes providing exceptional stopping power with the application of lesser force. Adjusting the braking power is possible through changing rotor sizes.

The Instinct includes Sun Helix rims, which encourages easy control and grip on the trail as it holds the tire and supports you to get loose. Furthermore, wheels are tubeless which allows you to take advantage of lower tire pressures and lower rolling resistance. This provides more comfort, control, and traction.

The Instinct 930 MSL is a Manitou Minute Expert, which is specially designed to offer substantial shock absorption as you explore mountains. It is supposed to be perfect for aggressive riding or riding on intense trails.

Final Verdict:

The Rocky Mountain Instinct 930 MSL shows solid trail performance with its high technology manufacturing. You can climb fearlessly anywhere with this bike. It will never bring you short on gears on a hilly ride.

This bike is a perfect choice if you’re navigating for a racing mountain bike.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 7/10
  • Bike Name: Rocky Mountain Instinct 930 MSL
  • Suspension: Manitou Minute Expert. 130mm. TPC Absolute+ Damper
  • Wheels: Wheeltech Sun Helix SL TR27 Tubeless compatible
  • Frame: Smoothwall Carbon Front Triangle. ABC + BC2 Pivots and Grease ports
  • Brakes: Shimano M506 180mm

5. Schwinn Searcher by Cannondale Fast Electric Bike

“An ideal choice for professional riders”

  • The battery gives you extra power to ride up a hill
  • The battery has a quick charging time
  • Comfortable ride due to the ergonomic grips
  • Strong and linear-pull brakes
  • Controlled and smooth stop
  • It has a high maintenance cost
  • A bit heavy

If you’re navigating for a bike that has a light frame and can make you comfortable on multiple landscapes then find out the features of this bike.

The Schwinn Searcher comes with a 48v 17ah battery, which can easily last you 50 miles. The battery is placed on the back rack waiving the swim effect when pedaling out of the saddle.

The electric bike is equipped with a strong motor wheel that stops you from moving further when certain miles are hit and help you save time. This motor assists you to switch to a turbo mode that supports your oomph to climb up a steep hill.

Schwinn Searcher Electric bike features Promax Alloy V-brake that is a great looking set. The levers have a sturdy fit with the bushings; this assists them in free movement and prevents them from shaking. They increase the stopping power and control grip of the bike.

The Schwinn Searcher Electric bike has a phenomenal drivetrain showing an ideal combination of durability and performance ensuring reliable shifting in all conditions. Furthermore, the Suntour suspension allows for smooth pedaling through the gears.

The Triple-Butted Aluminum frame included in the Schwinn Searcher Electric bike reduces the weight in the center keeping the ends strong. Aluminum frames deliver lightweight but stiff structures.

Final Verdict

Schwinn Searcher Electric bike has all the necessary features to help you ride defensively. Have you ever thought about its pace of power? It has a high-speeding power, which makes this bike difficult to stop within moments.

This bike will save your money on maintenance and gas. This is a great option if you plan to travel to areas where the battery feature will benefit you or they may be great to ride to the office.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Schwinn Searcher by Cannondale Fast Electric Bike
  • Suspension: SR Suntour M3010 Suspension With 63 MM Travel, 1 1/8”
  • Wheels: 28 x 1.375 Schwinn Sport, 700x35C
  • Frame: Schwinn Sport Hybrid N Litened 3 Triple-Butted Aluminum, Rack & Fender Mounts
  • Brakes: Promax Alloy V-Brake

6. Outdoors Insight 2016 Inc. SLM 1.3 15″

“Preferred by high-speeders”

  • Most comfortable hardtail ever
  • The bike can go super fast
  • Perfect in balancing weight, comfort, and performance
  • More maintenance demands

The SLM comes with 29×2.1 inch wheels that maintain a great amount of momentum. This is possible due to the obstacles hitting the rim of the wheel at the lower point making the rolling up, effortless. The bike can ride over almost everything even logs and all other obstacles.

The mountain bike features a C-15 ultra-light carbon frame, an internal cable that can deliver you extraordinary performance.

The oversized ride-tuned head tube connects the top and down tube that helps in grip while tight cornering at high speed. Along with this, the oversized down tube intensifies the turning stiffness and escalate power transfer.

The SLM includes lockout adjustment of forks that reduces the loss of energy when riding on jagged trails or long uphill climbs on pebbly surfaces. The 15mm thru-axle leads to a strong and secure fitting leaving you relaxed about the skewer loosening during your ride.

 It is wider and thicker in diameter making the wheel stiff and controls tracking which leads to better deviation from bumps and finer cornering.

It features tubeless-ready wheels that eliminate the need to fix a pinch flat through any hard object. The sealant put in during mounting picks all the thorns and sharp objects, which eradicates puncture issues.

These tires have certainly low pressure helping in the increase in contact of the tire with the ground resulting in better traction.

Besides this, the SLM is equipped with Shimano Deore XT that offers precise shifting and allows good chain retention.

Final Verdict

The 2016 SLM is a comfortable bike with fast speed. It climbs, descends, and transverses the track better than you could imagine. This bike is one of the finest hardtails one could’ve ever ridden. It gives the rider confident handling and a convenient hand position.

This bike is for the rider who is looking to get maximum results, wishes to win races, and who wants to settle for nothing less than best.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9.5/10
  • Bike Name: SLM 29 1.3
  • Suspension: Fox 32 FLOAT 29 Performance Elite FIT 3-position w/ remote lockout, tapered alloy steerer
  • Wheels: Schwalbe Thunder Burt, 29″ x 2.1″ 67tpi, folding, tubeless-ready
  • Frame: C15 super-light high-modulus carbon w/ internal shift cable
  • Brakes: Shimano Deore XT hydraulic disc brakes

7. Stradalli 29er Black/Red Carbon Dual Suspension Cross Country XC   

“Best for cross-country racers”

  • Less resistance
  • Less tire wearing
  • More stable
  • Heavy wheels
  • Taller gearing with a taller feel of the bike

Searching for a bike that is equipped with a high-quality Carbon? Don’t worry; this bike is made for you. What’s more, it has a flimsy frame, which lets you easily drive with the high-speed.

Stradalli features a 29er dual-suspension frame that enables the rider for all acceleration capabilities, which support a 29-inch wheel, providing a smooth and comfortable ride

The geometry of this frame aids in the smooth flow of the bike on the bumpy trails and the rider comfortably handles equilibrium on the technical and rocky spoor.

Stradalli 29er Dual suspension offers a 100mm of travel, as it provides a smooth ride even on stony trails, which supports you in gaining momentum during races. This type of suspension allows you to carry the momentum tight areas saving massive energy, especially during the tight technical training.

Stradalli 29er Mountain Bike carries more speed and momentum. The additional rotating mass together with less friction contributes to faster speed and maintains this speed for longer periods.

Stradalli 29er Mountain Bike features 29-inch wheels that have a higher angle when riding on obstacles and mountains maintaining the high speed and reduces overall impact over obstacles.

This mountain bike shows stronger grip and equilibrium specifically on the corners by increasing the surface area of contact with the ground through its wide wheels. Furthermore, the large tires have lower tire pressures assisting fast speed.

The tire holds more air in them support the harmonizing to large objects without coming in contact with the rim.

The tires take fewer revolutions than a small tire and attain the same distance. The hub of the wheel is higher so the bottom bracket has increased ground clearance as compared to an average bike.

Final Verdict

Stradalli 29er Mountain Bike is great for taller riders as they provide them a natural fit although it accommodates riders of any height.

This mountain bike is a tremendous choice for long-distance travels, rocky and bumpy trails. If you plan on riding through tight corners and switchbacks, Stradalli 29er Mountain Bike can be your right partner.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Stradalli 29er Black/Red Carbon Dual Suspension Cross Country XC
  • Suspension: DT-Swiss ODL, 100mm Front
  • Wheels: DT- Swiss Spline 1900
  • Frame: High Modulus Carbon Bottom Bracket
  • Brakes: Shimano XT M8000

8. Clutch 1 WLG/19 BLU

“Best for the modern trail and mid-level riders”

  • It comes with a tubeless-compatible wheelset
  • The suspension works well enough
  • Micro-adjust seat post
  • Frame weight is not so light
  • The saddle may cause inconvenience

This bike is mostly chosen by women due to its perfect geometry. However, this feature-packed bike adds the value in its price. But above all, it is purchased by tons of users.

This bike is a full-suspension bike and it aims to go through with ease of the incoming obstacles. Also, the upgrades in the flexibility make it more of the full suspension rather than the hard-tail bike.

It consists of the 1×10 speed Shimano drive train lets you face the challenges for different terrains. On the other hand, the lightweight frame material improves maneuverability which means you can run this masterpiece with higher speeds.

The 27.5 inches of tires can easily cater to the rugged treks with unique traction and deep treads. What’s more, the rear derailleur lets you update your demands by swapping it with the already sturdiest offerings along with the external rebound adjustment.

These full-suspension bikes offer a little more convenience to the bikers as compared to the hard-tail bikers. Since they bear more shock and spread it through the frame instead of your whole body, which prevents hitting on your legs with the cushioned suspension mechanism.

It includes 10 speeds gear and that is enough for the riders. The front suspension Hydroformed Tubing prepares it for a comfortable and satisfying long journey with the premium forks.

The build of this bike allows for the short rear end and cockpit, the Diamondback keeps itself stable at high variations and allows rider deal with cornering easily.

It is built from level link suspension along with its 130mm of rear travel and a front fork of 150mm. As a result, it will improve the handling of the cycle, plus it would give you much better traction during cornering, even at braking. This enables your rider to experience the high-speeding on rocky or tough areas that include downhill, uphill, or a flat road.

The saddle that has a stiff position so, it doesn’t bother the rider on the bumpy or steeper area. The seat post is good and let the rider to overcome hurdles with ease. All of the versions incorporate a 760mm handle with a 35mm stem, which maintains the steering on the nimble side.

Final Verdict

This bike is designed for the entry-level bikers. But, the compelling features of this bike won’t let them feel down. The high-grade aluminium and frame durability would benefit you even more.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 8/10
  • Bike Name: Clutch 1 WLG/19 BLU
  • Suspension: Clutch 27.5, 130mm Travel, Level Link Suspension
  • Wheels: Diamondback Blanchard 28R, Tubeless ready
  • Frame: Rockshox Monarch R, 200x57mm
  • Brakes: TRP Slate X2, w/180mm Front / 180mm Rear Rotors

9. Buzzraw X Pedal Army Green

“Best for the lovers of electric bikes”

  • Robust in manoeuvring
  • Comfy for the rider and convenient for cruising
  • The saddle is well padded
  • The stopping power is not easy to manage
  • The bike is not lightweight as compared to other bikes

This bike has a modern design and structure that urges the user to pick it straight away. Find out the other interesting properties that this bike possesses.

Another key thing to know, it is outfitted with a top tube that is directly attached to the top of the seat. The seat is benched-style and long enough to cater 2 to 3 persons. Besides this, when it comes to the Bafang motor, Buzzraw X can support both hub motors and mid-drive functions.

The bike incorporates the 80mm of linear travel on the front and rear shocks. The front fork features in the BuzzWalker linkage structure, which allows the bike to absorb impacts of the bumpy roads. Likewise, it keeps the effective trail of the frame constant.

The bike features in a Gates Carbon Drive rather than the traditional chain or derailleur system. The Buzzraw just require the splash of water to obtain a glossy look. Thankfully, it has a belt drive option that can offer low cost of maintenance, and no chain means, it produces almost zero noise.

These bikes consist of 4-inch Fat tires, full suspension, and the power-packed 750W motor option along with Buzzraw X750, this helps you to glide over any type of hindrance in your way.

This model just comes with a single color and you can buy it simply, even if you’re not on a tight budget along with the accessories that include fenders, footpegs, racing, and a cargo net.

What’s more, it has a built-in 48v lithium-ion battery and you can detach it when not in use. Also, the charging time for this bike is known to be 5 hours.

You should prefer if you want your racing game to the next level, this bike may help you in achieving your targets.

Furthermore, it has the newly upgraded center tread knobs, offering you a maximum level of controlling over the speed with your fat tire also, providing pleasurable cruising on-the-go with ample time to spare.

The lightweight on this bike produces great performance with a quick turn on and smooth feel can make your ride an entertaining one.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 8/10
  • Bike Name: Buzzraw X Pedal Army Green
  • Suspension: Buzzwalker Cromoly Fork with 6061 Alloy linkage
  • Wheels: Coast Components 135 x 9mm front hub
  • Frame: Coast Cycles Buzzraw X Cromoly Frame
  • Brakes: Tektro cable disc brakes: front 180mm, rear 160mm rotors

10. Mongoose Boot’r 27.5″ Down Hill Bicycle

“A suitable choice for technical downhill riders”

  • It has a powerful frame
  • Wheels offer perfect grip and handling on various surfaces
  • Shimano Zee 1×10 drive train allows you for a smooth ride on steeper areas
  • It is a bit-pricey option
  • The crank of the Mongoose is heavy

This bike is filled with features, giving users an easy way to select this masterpiece. It has some appealing features that would worth your investment.

Some properties of the bike may not suit different bikers; this includes the heavy crankset that doesn’t allow the weaker people to use it. The difficulty level on the downhill terrains of this bike kept increasing, making it a go-to product for pro riders.

Thanks to its rear shocks and race-ready RockShox Boxxer forks that allow you to experience the intense downhills. The 10-speed shifters operate brilliantly with the Samox cranks.

 The Boot’R rolls on DH tires and Light i35 dual-wall rims, it helps in offering the lightweight performance. It let you a smooth and comfortable grip on the various surfaces.

Tektro Slate T4 Hydraulic Disc Brakes offers you complete control on your ride and makes the thrilling ride at high speed, due to its trusted and efficient stopping power.

The Mongoose 27.5 inch could be a versatile option for you, as this bike ready to face the challenges on every trail. The SRAM is updated X.9 back fork is something pretty nice. But X.7 requires an independent clamp, due to this Matchmaker clap doesn’t make the right move.

 The only downsides you face is that the bulky-treaded Kenda excavator DH tires. They work well in wet areas or the rain but not ideal for the dry conditions.

The Mongoose Boot’r downhill is an expensive option but it is still a quite reasonable choice for many consumers, those who invest in it will continue to learn about the professional downhill biking.

Final Verdict

If you’re searching for a robust bike that can give you an amazing experience for your technical downhills journey, then this ride is made for you. Moreover, the front 180mm and the 200mm rear fork functions flawlessly in offering you a smooth experience in rugged treks.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 8/10
  • Bike Name: Mongoose Boot’r 27.5″ Down Hill Bicycle
  • Suspension: RockShox Boxxer 200mm travel fork
  • Wheels: Schwalbe Magic Mary
  • Frame: Tectonic T2, aluminum, free-floating technology
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Discs Brakes

Buying guide for these best mountain bikes under $2500

Best Mountain bikes under 2500 come in various types, which means you can’t select any ride immediately without considering some important factors; these pointers help you a lot in reviewing a satisfactory product.

So without wasting any single moment let’s roll towards the buying considerations and make your buying productive and reliable.

Spending Plan

This is one of the major aspects when you need to purchase the right product for you. If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line models then you might end up getting an empty pocket. Search for the best mountain bike that values for many and comes with sufficient features.

The bike that comes with a stylish design, a high-quality frame, embedded with additional features would have a high-priced. But you can still opt for the expensive units as they offer the resilience, durability, and power all at once.

Suspension Type

There are 3 types of bikes. The first one is the Hard-tail bikes with the front fork suspension. The rigid bikes come with no suspension and the 3rd one has full suspension with rear and front fork.

Mountain bikes that include rigid suspension are inexpensive. On the other hand, hard-tail bikes are used on the broad range of trails due to the presence of fork suspension. Full suspension bikes are considered best for cushioning the riders on treks due to the availability of both the forks.


Mostly, you will see that the bikes in the market are designed with Aluminum frames due to its cheap demand than the Carbon frame bike. The premium quality bikes use less Aluminum to make it lightweight.

Steel is sturdy and adds the weight on to the bikes. Whereas, carbon and titanium offer durability, flimsiness, but they are high-priced. You should opt for the product that includes carbon and carbon composites.


You get an option of selecting gears up to 30 gears. Of course, if you need to track the hilly or steeper areas, you would want a higher number of gears to make the journey convenient for you.

The higher number of gears also makes it easy for you to control the speed of the bike. Also, the most common gears picked up by people are 9-11.


There are 3 different sizes of wheels and each of them has their use. 26, 27.5 and 29 inches of wheels size is available in the market.

Usually, 26-inch wheels are preferred by the entry-level bikers and an ideal size for them to maintain balance in your maneuverability. The 27-inches of wheels offer flexibility in cruising to the various landscapes and helps in improving balance too. Finally, the 29-inch wheels are the largest of sizes and large rocks and tree roots can’t block your way anymore with its enormous size. This is a go-to size for aggressive riders.


Brakes are an essential part of your riding. So if you need a good stopping power for your bike then Hydraulic brakes can be the best option you can go for. As Mechanical linear-pull and cable ones won’t allow you an instant stop just like Hydraulics.

I hope that this will give you an idea that how, where, when, and what time you can get and buy the right product.


The market is filled with a variety of bikes that range from affordable to costly ones, so it is not easy to make a direct decision.

You must do deep research and look for some features, pros, and cons that discuss each product in detail and pick the one that suits your requirements. We hope that while reviewing our best Mountain bikes under 2500 reviews would’ve assisted you in making this tough decision.

Well, I am done with the reviews here and if you need my opinion, I will recommend you to go for Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race without any single doubt.

Beegle Haroon is an avid traveller, adventurer and a parent. He loves bike riding, hiking, camping and outdoor activities with his two lovely kids, which help him connect closely with nature and enjoy life. He believes in living an adventurous life, and documents his journey and experiences with his audience through his writing.

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