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10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $200

You don’t have to spend a fortune if you are looking for a capable mountain bike that is durable, reliable, and provides excellent value. 

Given so many options available in the market, you can get a good model at an affordable price that has all the features required for a pleasant experience.

However, finding such a praiseworthy mountain bike is not so easy!

To make this challenge a bit easier, we have tested and reviewed the best mountain bikes under 200 dollars so you could save time and make an informed purchase decision.

Best mountain bikes under 200 dollars

Bike NameWheelsBrakesPrice
1. Pacific Mountain Sport Bike24"Linear Pull Check Price
2. Micozy Carbon Steel Mountain Bike26"Disc Check Price
3. Micozy Outroad Mountain Bike26"Tolan Disc Check Price
4. LOOCHO Mountain Bike26"Dual Disc Check Price
5. Youen Mountain Bike26"Dual Disc Check Price
6. Kent KZ2600 Mountain Bike26"Linear Pull Check Price
7. Huffy 26 Inch Mountain Bike26"Linear Pull Check Price
8. Titan Wildcat Hard Tail Mountain Bike26"Linear Pull Check Price
9. Mongoose Silva Mountain Bike24"Dual Disc Check Price
10. Mongoose Men’s Bike27"Rear Pull Check Price

1. Pacific Mountain Adult Sport Bike

“Best Bike for Adults as well as Kids”

  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Specifically designed thick knobby tires
  • Safe and comfortable mountain scooter for kids as well as adults
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Assembly takes a lot of time and effort
  • The seat hurt during the long journeys

Pacific Mountain Bike is an affordable option if you are looking for a low cost as well as a low maintenance bike. The cool mountain bike comes in a variety of stunning colors suitable for all ages. It is a model that features sturdy  construction and reasonable speed you will definitely admire in few bucks.

Enthusiasts always need speed when it comes to biking. I would not say that the Bike offers exceptional speed, but yes, it proves to offer a reasonable speediness for the intermediate level biker. It is equipped with the 18 twist shifters and rear derailleur, offering smooth gear shifting so that you may be able to enjoy a thrilling ride.

Thanks to the steel frame and robust construction that makes it a suitable choice for most of the mountain bike riders, as resilience is something that a mountain bike is made for. It is made to withstand the tough environment and non-paved surfaces where it rolls like a champ.

Furthermore, this all-terrain Bike is equipped with the sturdy alloy rims and durable knobby tires designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear of mountain biking. The 24-inch strong wheels ensure a smooth ride on the rough surfaces and the ability to maneuver easily with remarkable stability and traction.

The linear-pull front and rear V-brakes in the handlebars ensure controlled and prompt brake to avoid injury or accident. Moreover, it has a 3-piece crank that offers great gear choice and adjustability.  The Bike is comfortable and safe, so you can also buy it for your kids without any doubt.

The height is a good fit for the riders of above eight years and can accommodate the people with height 4’8” to 5’6”. I bought it for my 9-year-old boy who loves mountaineering. He just loved everything from the smooth riding experience to the comfortable height he finds perfect, and I must say that it is a complete package if you are giving it to a kid.

Bottom Line

All in all, a Pacific mountain bike is a good choice if you are looking for a bike with reasonable features within your budget, especially when it comes to maintenance costs. Being one of the best mountain bikes under 200 dollars, it’s a great option if you are thinking of giving your kids a useful gift.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Pacific Mountain Adult Sport Bike
  • Suspension: Front steel suspension
  • Wheels: 24 inch wheels
  • Frame: Steel Mountain Frame
  • Brakes: Linear Pull Brakes

2. Micozy Carbon Steel Mountain Bike

“Best Full Suspension Bike”

  • High-quality, fashionable suspension
  • Durable Carbon steel frame construction
  • Offers great traction and stability
  • The high-end suspension offers excellent speed
  • The carbon fiber frame sometimes proves to be fragile on the trails

Micozy Mountain bike is a must-buy if you are looking for a power packed full suspension bike. The Bike has a reasonable potential to minimize the effect of blows you encounter when riding on the rough terrains. The lightweight and durable Bike offers you the increased confidence to ride on the bumpy roads as compared to the hardtail bikes.

The notable feature of this durable mountain bike is its full suspension that offers better speed and navigation utilizing the high-end technology. It features Shimano Derailleur and Shimano’s EF500 3*7 Shifter that gives immense confidence to ride on any rough terrain. The suspension allows the Bike to endure the blows without affecting your comfort.

The 26-inch three-spoke Magnesium wheels are made to deliver smooth riding experience on rough pavements and are more durable than the ordinary bike tires. Moreover, the tires are lightweight, so you won’t feel tiredness and frustration while riding the Bike like most of the full-suspension bikes that are usually heavy.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to compromise on the speed, the bike meets your standard perfectly. It offers an admirable speed that adds to the charm of mountain biking. The bike maneuvers longer and faster with great stability and traction, which is a huge advantage for you. It is lightweight, yet it can accommodate reasonable weight capacity up to 90 kg, so don’t worry if you are a bulky person.

Testing the Bike, we found the construction notable with a carbon steel frame that is usually found in pricier mountain bikes. It is the best quality frame that offers an optimum balance between weight and power so that you can transport comfortably. Furthermore, it comes with free pedals and comfortable seats, making your journey worthwhile.

In addition, the Bike has smooth mechanical disc brakes that ensure a quick stoppage to avoid accidents. The brakes are located at handlebars and are extremely easy to operate. The Bike is foldable so you can easily transport and store it anywhere. Whether you are going to the picnic or mountaineering, the foldability adds great value to its utility.   

Bottom Line

Micozy Mountain bike is an expert choice when it comes to suspension. Featuring portability and lightweight, this Bike is the choice of most of the speed-lovers who have a low budget. The bike is praise-worthy for its excellent suspension and reliable mechanics, thus making it to our list of best mountain bikes under 200 dollars.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Micozy Carbon Steel Mountain Bike
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Wheels: 26 Inch three-knife wheels
  • Frame: Carbon Steel Frame
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes

3. Micozy Outroad Mountain Bike

“Best lightweight Bike with a range of gears”

  • Comfortable cushioned seat with free pedals
  • Robust tires made for rough surfaces and hilly terrains
  • Equipped with 21 gears for smooth riding
  • Great weight capacity
  • It is not easy to assemble and assembling takes a lot of time

Here is another model from Micozy that grabbed our attention and made it to our list of best mountain bikes under 200 dollars. This Bike is a good bargain with powerful double disk brakes, lightweight magnesium wheels, great weight capacity, and dual suspension, making it a power-packed choice at an affordable price.

Micozy outroad mountain bike is a folding bike with a lot of features that make it a reasonable choice under the price range. It features Shimanos TZ-30 and Shimanos TZ-50 derailleur and Shimano 51-7 Shifter. Moreover, this Bike has 21-speed gears, so it is easy to maneuver over hard trails especially for those who are not expert in riding like the novice riders or aged people.

The Bike has magnesium wheels that are lightweight than other ordinary bike, making your ride comfier and less frustrating. The lightweight ensures that you may not have to put more effort to ride the bike. The 26-inch 6-spoke wheels offer excellent grip and stability, ensuring safe and secure ride on all kinds of terrains.

The outroad’s frame is made up of high-quality carbon steel, which is the most suitable frame material for the mountain bike. It offers sturdiness and durability in all environmental conditions and at all the surfaces along with a considerably lightweight design that promises easy handing and cheerful riding experience.

Micozy outroad features super-safe dual disc brakes that prevent you from the hazards. It offers a quick release mechanism and ability to minimize the shocks usually encountered when you ride the Bike on the non-paved terrain. It comes with free pedals and a well-cushioned comfy platform to sit and enjoy the adventurous ride merrily.

The Bike is quite portable due to its foldable frame that can easily be stored in any narrow place. It is convenient enough if you want to carry it while traveling. Take it to the picnic point or carry around for a camping trip, the Bike weighs just a few Kgs that hardly make a difference in your luggage yet the Bike is sturdy enough to accommodate 90 kg of weight and riders having 160cm to 180cm height.

Bottom Line

Micoxy Outroad mountain bike is a reasonable bargain in few bucks. The lightweight and wide range of gears make it a must-buy choice for the beginners as well as the people who find biking difficult at the mountainous trails. With a good weight capacity and a shockproof mechanics, the Bike proves to be a fairly good investment.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Micozy Outroad Mountain Bike
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Wheels: 26 Magnesium Wheel
  • Frame: Carbon Steel Frame
  • Brakes: Tolan Disc Brakes/ MTB brake levers

4. LOOCHO Mountain Bike

“Best Bike for City Commutes”

  • Suitable for casual commutes
  • Great weight capacity
  • It has stunning looks
  • Intuitive shifting system
  • It is a heavy bike due to its steel construction

Featuring the aerodynamics, LOOCHO mountain bike is a perfect combination of smooth shifters, quick-release brakes, and sturdy construction at an affordable price, giving it an edge over the ordinary mountain bikes for the city commutes and casual riding to several places.

LOOCHO mountain bike is another reliable option that provides great value for money. It comes with 21-speed Sunrun HG series Derailleurs offering reasonable speed with an intuitive and smooth shifting system.  It is armed with three front gears and seven rear gears offering smooth riding at the mountainous surface.

The Bike has mechanical disc brakes ensuring quick brake whenever you need to stop. This quick release braking system prevents you from accidents. Moreover, the high quality, perfectly welded frame has a matte finishing that gives it a classy look.

LOOCHO mountain bike is suitable for routine city commutes or other casual rides to the market, workplace or college. It is easy to handle and assemble a bike that comes pre-assembled. You have to spend just a few minutes and a little effort to get the Bike assembled. Moreover, it comes with complete assembly instruction, so the assembly is not a hassle at all.

Another notable feature is the Bike’s looks. The Bike is pretty stylish, and I received a lot of good comments when I rode it for the first time. Furthermore, the Bike has a fairly good weight capacity. It can easily accommodate the weight of up to 250 Lbs.

The wheel size is 26-inches that make it a suitable medium-sized option in an affordable price range.  Besides, it has 3-spoke rims that offer great support at the hilly terrains. However, the Bike weighs a bit more than our previously reviewed model due to its steel frame, which is a downside. The bulky models are a bit frustrating and difficult to handle, and so does this Bike

Bottom Line

LOOCHO mountain bike is a suitable bike if you are seeking for a mid-ranged bike with the portable built and considerable weight capacity. The Bike is a decent option for the city commuters and casual cruisers. It is not a hilly material as far as the suspension, gears ad weight are concerned.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: LOOCHO Mountain Bike
  • Suspension: Soft
  • Wheels: 26 Inch Wheels
  • Frame: Steel frame
  • Brakes: Dual disc brake system

5. Youen Mountain Bike

“Best Unisex Bike for Adults”

  • Foldable and lightweight design
  • Easy to maneuver
  • High-quality tires
  • It is suitable for both men and women
  • Assembly is pretty hard, and reasonable instructions are not given

If you are seeking a mountain bike for you and your spouse, then Youen is a reasonable unisex bike offering performance, safety, and durability on the go. This Bike is a good deal for anyone who wants to buy a versatile mid-priced bike with all the reasonable features like innovative design, a smooth-shifting system, and a number of gears.

Youen Mountain bike features a high carbon steel mountain frame with a matte finishing giving it a great look and resilience. The Carbon steel frame adds great value to the model at a low price. With the dual suspension, the bike is strong and easy to maneuver at the hilly terrains.

The Bike has a 21-gear rear derailleur that enables you to change the gear smoothly and effortlessly.  It is suitable for most of the hilly terrains and absorbs the effect of the shocks to a greater extent. Moreover, it has front and rear disc brakes located on the handlebars utilizing a quick-release braking system to prevent you from the potential accidents.

Youen mountain bike offers a reasonable speed that bikes under this price range are expected to offer. However, it offers a notably safe and smooth ride you can admire. The speed is backed by the 26-inches 6-spoke rims and sturdy Magnesium tires that add traction and stability to your riding experience. The Bike is foldable and lightweight, which adds great value to its utility.

You can carry around the Bike anywhere easily, whether it’s a picnic day or a camping trip. Just fold the Bike and keep it in a safe carrying bag to carry around. The lightweight design also makes it easy for you to maneuver the Bike effortlessly. That is why the Bike is also a good pick for the aged people so that they may handle the Bike easily on the tough surfaces. The wide range of gears helps beginners or old people to ride it comfortably than ordinary bikes.  

Bottom Line

Youen mountain bike is a versatile unisex bike for all terrains. It is not only an affordable choice to commute to the hilly areas but a suitable one to carry out your day to day commutes. It is suitable for beginners as well as experts who want to ride around the city as well as the mountains with a high-quality bike that comes under the small budget. Overall, this bike is one of the best mountain bikes under 200 dollars.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Youen Mountain Bike
  • Suspension: Soft
  • Wheels: 26 Inch Wheels
  • Frame: High Carbon Steel Frame
  • Brakes: Dual disc brake system

6. Kent KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

“Best Bike for Hilly terrains”

  • Anti-slip tires specifically designed for tough terrains
  • Quick release brakes
  • Innovative suspension system
  • Appealing looks
  • The pedals are very small
  • Some parts are fragile

Kent KZ2600 is a win-win model for the bikers under $200. It has almost all the required features the mountain bikers tend to seek in a high-end bike. The Bike offers not only smooth performance but also a durable option for bike enthusiasts at an extremely affordable price.  

Kent KZ2600 dual-suspension Mountain Bike utilizes an innovative suspension design that ensures exemplary performance. The full suspension offers effortless riding on the hard trails and rough terrains or if you are mountaineering.

This mountain bike features sturdy tires with 26” inch thickness and dual-wall alloy rims with 30 spokes for a better grip and traction on the hilly surfaces. The Bike offers reasonable speed featuring Shimano Rear Derailleur and a shifting system that offers smooth shifting and stability.

The Bike comes with the front disc brakes and the rear linear-pull brakes that are easy to operate, featuring a quick release system for a quick brake to prevent you from injury. Moreover, the assembly is pretty simple. You just have to unpack the box, and there you will get a well-assembled bike with attached front wheels, handlebars, and pedals.

Besides, the Bike has striking looks that will attract most of the female riders like my sister. She personally wanted to buy this Bike, so she tested it for her own need. The Bike is too good in the price range; however, all the parts are not of the high-quality but still delivers reasonable performance in the price we paid.

The downside I found was the pedals that are very small and stickers that look quite cheap, but it is not a big issue as you can easily remove the stickers to get a better look. I found the Bike quite reliable and resilient is I rode it almost everywhere, at the wet surfaces as well as the muddy puddles and the up and downhills. It has anti-slip tires that offer better traction than other ordinary bikes so that you may enjoy a safe ride.  

Bottom Line

Kent KZ2600 is a very practical choice if you have a budget constraint. The Bike is fully functional, yet it has some cheap parts, but they do not affect its performance. So, taking everything into account, this best mountain bikes under $200 is a reliable vehicle when it comes to buying a bike under the rock-bottom budget.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Kent KZ2600 dual-suspension Mountain Bike
  • Suspension: 65mm suspension fork
  • Wheels: 26 Inch Wheels
  • Frame: Aluminum MTB Frame
  • Brakes: Front disc brake and rear linear-pull brake

7. Huffy 26 Inch Mountain Bike

“Best Bike for all terrains”

  • Impressive design and striking color
  • Strong and sturdy tires
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Unique suspension design
  • It does not come pre-assembled

The huffy mountain bike is an impressive choice when it comes to choosing a bike that is suitable for all kinds of terrains. Whether it’s an icy surface or the muddy one, You want to ride down the hill or off-road, this Bike proves to be reliable and resilient with a combination of sturdiness and intuitive mechanics. 

The huffy mountain bike has intelligent construction utilizing a dual-suspension frame fork and steel made frame that offers remarkable grip and smooth and speedy ride that every biker needs. The design is quite striking that grabbed our attention in the first instance and forced us to review the Bike in detail. 

The steel frame has a black and hot pink finish that really looks hot and stylish. The feminine color grabs most of the girl’s attention, and that is why I gave this out to my little lady who loves pink color. Besides the looks, the Bike features Shimano derailleur that allows you to ride smoothly on all kinds of surfaces. It has highly-responsive ride gears that exceed its performance and gives you a comfortable ride by absorbing most of the shocks effectively.

Moreover, the Bike has Alloy linear-pull brakes that stop the Bike immediately to avoid accident or injury. The 26 inch strong and tires are made up of rugged material to complement the rugged terrains. However, the Bike does not offer very high speed, like the ones previously reviewed in the price range. It has black alloy rims that suit its design and color. The 18-speed index shifters are quite easy to handle to ensure stress-free maneuvering.

As far as the assembly is concerned, the Bike does not come pre-built, so you will have to assemble it yourself, or you can also get it assembled from the company by paying some additional amount. However, it is certainly a risk because it can get damaged so better to do it yourself or prefer the service of your local workshop. This Bike is suitable for children as well as adults having a good height and built.

Bottom Line

The huffy mountain bike is designed to deliver smooth performance on all the paved or non-paved surfaces. If you travel to diverse places, then considering buying this Bike is a reasonable investment.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Huffy Mountain Bike
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Wheels: 26 Inch Wheels
  • Frame: Steel Frame
  • Brakes: Linear Pull Brakes

8. Titan Wildcat Hard Tail Mountain Bike

“Best Hard Tail Bike for steeper areas”

  • The Bike is simple and sturdy
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Best for smooth roads
  • Good suspension design
  • Feels uncomfortable on bumpy roads
  • Assembly is a bit difficult

Titan Wildcat is a hardtail mountain bike specially designed for the ladies riders out there to satisfy their love of mountain riding. It is suitable for most of the ladies having a stature of 5 feet to 5 feet 7 inches tall. Moreover, the Bike has an extremely affordable price that comes within your budget .

Titan Wildcat mountain bike is a quality mountain commuter featuring 12-speed shifters. It is made up of a robust steel frame that is not too heavy like the ordinary bikes having steel construction. The Bike has comfortable parts that are designed to offer a healthy posture and smooth ride.

It has a secure cushioned saddle, and a kickstand is included for your convenience, and handlebars are adjustable so that you may drive the Bike confidently. Moreover, the Bike is easy to assemble. It arrives pre-built, so you don’t have to spend much time to put the parts together. Only a few parts are required to be assembled with the help of simple tools.

The shifters are located on the handlebars adding great convenience in shifting the gears. This Bike has 26-inch sturdy tires reinforced with steel wheels and steel hubs. Pull breaks are located on the front and rear sides. The pedals need to be installed, so they are marked as L and R to assist in the installation.

This mountain bike has a power rear derailleur. This Bike only requires minimum maintenance, so it won’t cost you more, even in the future.  However, the bike seat is quite hard, and you can ride the Bike comfortably for long hours. The assembly instructions are quite vague, so we may need to spend a few more bucks to get some parts installed.

This Bike is cheaper and lightweight than other full-suspension bikes. Nevertheless, it does not have front, rear shocks that the full-suspension bikes are equipped with, so it may not be the choice of most of the beginners.  The rear shocks prevent you from the jerks on the hilly and mountainous terrains that is why full-suspension bikes are costlier than the hardtail bikes.

This Bike is easy to handle. It provides great traction on the tracks and steep inclines. Smooth roads feel great fun when you ride this stiffer and lighter Bike on it. It has few components that are why it has a simple construction and requires no or fewer repairs than the ordinary dual suspension bikes.

Bottom Line

The wildcat hardtail bike is a simple and useful option for the girls who usually ride at the flatter roads and steeper inclines at an affordable price. However, you may have to compromise on your comfort because it does not let your ride comfortably over the drops and bumps.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Titan Wildcat Hard Tail Mountain bike
  • Suspension: Soft
  • Wheels: 26 Inch Wheels
  • Frame: Steel Frame
  • Brakes: Linear Pull Brakes

9. Mongoose Silva Mountain Bike

“Best Bike for Girls”

  • Small and sturdy Bike
  • Cool looks with solid built
  • A lightweight frame with hydroformed tubing
  • The Bike is made specifically for the teenage girls
  • Can be dangerous if not assembled correctly

Mognoose is a well-known name among the makers of mountain bikes, and this Bike meets their standards well. The Bike is specially made for young girls, and teenagers with a hot combination of baby pink and light blue the girls heartily admire.

Mognoose Silva mountain bike is a stunning bike with great looks and designs your little girl would love to ride. It has an aluminum frame that is sturdy and lightweight featuring hydroformed tubing. Moreover, its front suspension fork minimizes the bumps and jerks so that you may enjoy the ride comfortably.

Mognoose Silva Mountain bike features front and rear v-brakes that enable instant stoppage when required. In addition, the Bike arrives with a 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur that offers good speed and smooth shifting. The Bike is quick and light having light-alloy rims as well as tires that can smoothly hover over all the terrains.

The Bike has a very sweet look featuring the rising handlebars having colored design at the end. It arrives pre-assembled, so you will have to put some parts together to get it assembled, yet it does not take much of your time, so it is a good choice if you want to get rid of the hassle of assembling.

However, it is a better idea to get it assembled from a local bike shop because the loosening of parts can prove to be dangerous for the children. The Bike is suitable for young children and teenagers. However, ladies can also ride the Bike if they have medium height.

It has a fine welded frame, but some of the parts are quite cheap. The brakes and brake controls are not what I was expecting to be utilized in the Bike made by Mognoose.  However, when I look at the price, I find it a reasonable choice because I don’t think you can get a better one in such a small budget.

Bottom Line

Mognoose Silva mountain bike is a considerable choice for your lovely lady featuring appealing looks and striking colors attracting most of the teenagers. The Bike is so far so good when we look at some useful features like sturdiness, lightweight, and easy assembly along with its price.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Mongoose Silva Mountain Bike
  • Suspension: Soft
  • Wheels: 24 Inch Wheels
  • Frame: MTB Aluminum Frame
  • Brakes: Linear Pull Brakes

10. Mongoose 27.5″ Men’s Bike

“Best Bike for bulky people”

  • Capable of accommodating bulky people
  • Adjustable seat and sturdy tires
  • Robust frame construction
  • Very good suspension
  • Assembling the brakes is not easy

Mognoose men’s Bike is an intelligent and practical mountain commuter to buy. It has sturdy tires made to commute over hilly areas, mountains, and rough terrains with speed and efficiency.  

Mognoose men’s Bike is a sturdy model that is suitable for tough use. Enjoy riding on the rough and tough paved and non-paved roads or hilly areas with this durable Bike featuring robust construction, thick specialized tires, and an adjustable seat that is made to accommodate all types of users. Moreover,  this Bike has an exceptional weight capacity.  

This Bike arrives pre-assembled and requires very little assembly. However, you should not try to assemble it yourself because you will end up not putting the brakes parts together properly, so it is better to get the professional’s services.

Mognoose men’s bike feature 21-speed twist shifters and Shimano rear derailleur that does you a great favor off-road and on the hilly terrains. The front and rear linear-pull brakes are made to absorb shocks and to ensure an instant stoppage to prevent you from accidents. It has a great suspension that works like a charm when you ride at the bumpy road. It delivers exceptionally smooth performance and a cheerful ride.

The notable feature is the design that not only offers adventurous ride but several health benefits as well. It makes your leisure time worthwhile by keeping you active and energetic by warming up your muscles for the tough exercise. It helps you to maintain a healthy posture as well. Moreover, Mognoose men’s Bike is a multipurpose bike made for all terrains. 

As for the downside, the seat is not comfortable at all, and practically speaking, the Bike is not as big as it should be for the taller people. I am a tall person, and I didn’t feel comfortable riding the Bike even after adjusting the saddle. Moreover, fixing the brake is not easy at all. It took a lot of time to fix the brakes.

Bottom Line

Overall the Bike is a profitable investment as far as the price and health benefits are concerned. Moreover, it can accommodate most of the people, so it proves to be a versatile and multipurpose bike with all the significant features a mountain bike must possess.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Mongoose Men’s Bike
  • Suspension: Rigid
  • Wheels: 27.5 Inch Wheels
  • Frame: Aluminum Frame
  • Brakes: Front and rear Linear Pull Brakes


So, these were the best mountain bikes under $200, equipped with all the features including portability, sturdiness, speed, suspension, mechanics, and a lot more you are looking for.  We hope that our reviews will help you make an informed decision, and one of our top picks will definitely grab your attention.

Do share your riding experience with us in the comments section below and let us know what more do you want to know about the mountain bikes in the next article.

Beegle Haroon is an avid traveller, adventurer and a parent. He loves bike riding, hiking, camping and outdoor activities with his two lovely kids, which help him connect closely with nature and enjoy life. He believes in living an adventurous life, and documents his journey and experiences with his audience through his writing.

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