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10 Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults

Electric scooters are comfortable, practical and energy-efficient mode of transportation for your quick journeys or even regular commute.

If you are a heavy adult like me, then you’d have probably experienced irritating joint pains during your short distance walks, or while riding a mountain bike.

You would love to own an electric scooter, but you’re worried whether or not the electric scooter can handle your weight?

Electric scooters may look fragile, but that’s not the case anymore. Many brands are now manufacturing the best electric scooter for heavy adults due to ever-increasing demand.

However, finding these electric scooters for heavy adults is a challenge because of their different specifications. In this article, we have thoroughly reviewed and listed down the best electric scooter available in the market, specially designed for heavy adults.

Best electric scooter for heavy adults

Electric Scooter NamePowerLoad CapacityPrice
1. Razor E300300W220 lbs Check Price
2. SKRT Electric Scooter350W220 lbs Check Price
3. Emax USA Electric Scooter300W264 lbs Check Price
4. Macwheel MX 1 Electric Scooter350W265 lbs Check Price
5. URBANMAX 380W Electric Scooter380W265 lbs Check Price
6. Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter451W264 lbs Check Price
7. Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter250W255 lbs Check Price
8. GOTRAX GXL250W220 lbs Check Price
9. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Scooter350W220 lbs Check Price
10. Qiewa Q1 Hummer800W550 lbs Check Price

1. Razor E300

“The power to thrill”

  • High torque offered by the motor
  • Wide deck
  • Sleek design
  • Slightly longer charging time

Razor E300 is a spectacular electric scooter that has an extra-large deck integrated with a solid frame that makes it perfect for overweight adults, as it makes sure that the scooter remains balanced while riding at high speeds.

The E300 delivers value with 250 watts of high-torque that is sure to make your travel duration quicker than ever before. It reaches speeds of up to 24 km per hour or 15 miles per hour in a matter of moments that ensure you an enjoyable ride. Additionally, this scooter has a 24V battery that allows you to ride for about 40 minutes in a single charge. This turned out more than enough for my quick traveling requirements.

This scooter is chock full of exciting features that are guaranteed to make you stand out amongst your friends. It comprises of a great combination of quality, service, and style that is very difficult to find in other scooters. We were also amazed by the matte gray styling that gave it an awesome look, and its extra-quiet motor that did not make a lot of noise as we drove through our neighborhood.

This scooter also features a retractable kickstand that came very handy when we could not find a place to rest our scooter. Razor has also engineered the E300 with front hand-operated brakes that hold the capacity of stopping your ride in a matter of seconds. I would however recommend not to slam your brakes on high speeds as you would be risking losing your grip and falling off.

Moving on, this electric scooter has wide 10-inch pneumatic tires that provide a great grip and a smooth ride. The tires work seamlessly over slippery or wet surfaces as well. Additionally, the overall design, components and tires also make it possible for this bike to take on a maximum of 220 pounds.

The scooter’s package has a UL approved charger and the scooter is backed by a 90-day warranty.  You will also find all the required tools necessary for a light assembly in the package. Furthermore, this scooter has a quick assembly process, all you are required to do is to screw its handlebars, and you are good to go after it has been fully charged.

Bottom Line

Razor is a well-known brand of electric scooters that has successfully built a reputation for delivering reliable, innovative and safe rides. The E300 is one of the best they have to offer, so you should make sure to check this best electric scooter for heavy adults while making your final decision.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: Razor E300
  • Power: 300 W
  • Battery: 24V
  • Range: 40 minutes
  • Max. Load Capacity: 220 pounds

2. SKRT Electric Scooter

“Great production quality”

  • Compact shape for folding and portability
  • Very strong body
  • Dual lights
  • Might be a little heavy for some riders

This scooter belongs to a wide range of premium quality scooters manufactured by SKRT over a number of years. It features a comfortable seat that prevents fatigue, especially for heavy adults, from consistently standing while riding on the scooter.

The SKRT electric scooter has a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds and it charges quickly in a matter of only 6 hours. This is amazing because the time required to fully charge this scooter is half of the time required is some other scooters.

The scooter has a 48V12Ah battery that provides a maximum range of 18.6 miles. Additionally, a 350W brushless motor is installed in this scooter that greatly enhances the overall performance of the scooter. The motor and battery work great together, because of which you can reach speeds of 18 miles per hour on this scooter, depending on the terrain and rider’s weight.

SKRT has remarkably integrated front and rear lights on this machine as well. The front light is capable of sending a concentrated light in front of your path that proved beneficial useful in my night journeys. The rear light on the other hand came in handy for letting others known whenever I was about to stop and both of these lights were responsive and made from premium materials.

Moreover, you will also find front disc brakes and rear oil brakes in this scooter that effortlessly stopped in no time. You can never overstate the value of effective brakes in any form of vehicle, and it applies to scooters as well even though you might be riding at slower speeds.

Additionally, SKRT has installed a loud horn with this scooter, because of which you will not be required to replace the initial inaudible horn found in some scooters.

Similar to other scooters, this scooter can be easily folded in a matter of seconds as well. Multiple users have shown satisfaction with how compact the scooter becomes after folding, so if you have a small car then you should consider this scooter as it can easily fit in even the shortest of trunks. Finally, the scooter has 8.5” air tires that ride smoothly on roads, and the scooter is protected with a key lock.

Bottom Line

This scooter provides outstanding value for its price tag. It has a strong and durable body made from metal and has the capacity of reaching great speeds for longer distances. The seat is an added bonus for people who do not prefer to stand while riding their scooters. Overall, this is one of the best electric scooter for heavy adults.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: GOTRAX GXL V1
  • Power: 350 W
  • Battery: 48V 12Ah
  • Range: 18.6 miles
  • Max. Load Capacity: 220 pounds

3. Emax USA Electric Scooter

“Boosted performance”

  • E-ABS brakes
  • Strong technical support
  • US Federal Agency Safety UL Certified
  • Maximum speed is a little lower in comparison to other scooters

The Emax USA electric scooter is a top-of-the-line machine designed for overweight adults as it can support a maximum weight of 264 pounds. Not only is this maximum weight capacity rare to find in a scooter in this price range, but it can also travel on a 15% incline with ease regardless of your weight, making it the best electric scooter for heavy adults.

The Emax-USA Electric Scooter features a 300W motor with a maximum speed of 15.8mph. It must however be known that each and every scooter’s ability to reach the claimed maximum speed is dependent on multiple factors like weight and riding conditions. Nevertheless, Emaxusa has put in all the effort to ensure that everyone can find value in this ride, especially people who are overweight.

This scooter also utilizes a smart battery system that is based on the use of 6AH lithium batteries providing you with the ability to cover longer distances. Additionally, this scooter has been certified by the US federal agency approved safety certifier UL LLC. It is always recommended to invest in an electric device that has been certified by a recognized institution so that you can have peace of mind.

Moving on, an LCD display screen is also installed in this scooter that indicates your battery levels, shows your current speed, and displays your speed mode. Furthermore, this scooter has both front and rear lights. In comparison to other scooters, the front LED light on this scooter can actually brighten up your path due to its concentrated light design. The rear light on the other hand comes handy for warning pedestrians when you are stopping or taking a turn.

Another amazing aspect of purchasing this scooter that I found was the solid technical support that comes with it. The team of experts at Emaxusa is recognized for helping customers with all types of problems and resolving them immediately. You can also contact them for repairs, maintenance, and exchange and they will be more than willing to accommodate you.

Moreover, Emax-USA has engineered this scooter with a revamped braking system that is highly responsive and dependable. The braking system consists of an E-ABS brake and disc brake that work flawlessly together to deliver exceptional performance.

What is outstanding about E-ABS brakes is that it prevents the possibility of the rear wheel lifting up when the front wheel brake is powerfully applied. Therefore, I always felt safer knowing that I will not be ejected from the scooter.

Bottom Line

This scooter delivers on a number of different levels, and if you are interested in a bike with a strong braking system with exceptional balance then you should definitely give this option a deeper look.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: Emax-USA Electric Scooter
  • Power: 300 W
  • Battery: 6AH lithium polymer batteries
  • Range: 16 miles
  • Max. Load Capacity: 264 pounds

4. Macwheel MX 1 Electric Scooter

“Exceptional acceleration”

  • Quick charging time
  • Three speed modes
  • Dual lights
  • The frame is a little lighter, which might be a plus point for many

Macwheel MX1 electric scooter is completely suitable for overweight adults because of its premium quality tires and strong body structure that enables it to perform exceptionally even while supporting a rider with a maximum weight of 265 pounds, making it the best electric scooter for heavy adults.

Macwheel has installed a 350W motor that delivers exceptional acceleration and starting speed for all riders. The 350W motor also makes this scooter capable of climbing steeper slopes so that you can enjoy an effortless riding experience.

Moreover, this scooter has 8.5” non-pneumatic tires that are based on an ingenious design. The tires are made from rubber, and they are integrated with foamed inner tubes that are protected with a steel wire. The unique air-free technology of these tires prevented me from consistently refilling the tires with air, and that allowed for lower maintenance costs as well. Additionally, these tires are explosion-proof and anti-puncture in addition to having good shock absorption capability.

Moving on, you can travel a distance of 18.6 miles with a charging duration of only 4 hours. This is possible because of this scooter’s 270W batteries that ensure that you will reach your destination. So if you are looking for a scooter that carries you wherever you want to go, instead of you carrying it mid-way due to the battery dying out, then make sure to check this one out.

Additionally, this Macwheel electric scooter has three-speed modes for riders of varying experience levels. The three-speed modes have different maximum speed settings, with the lowest speed mode having a maximum speed of 5mph, followed by a maximum speed of 9mph and finally the last speed mode with a maximum speed of 15.5mph. This allowed us to quickly adjust the speed modes depending on the road conditions.

The scooter has two lights as well, one on the front and one on the rear. This facilitates commuters who use their scooters at night, as it not only makes the road visible, but it also makes you visible to others. An important recommendation would be to not drive this scooter in the rain or in super cold temperatures where the surface is freezing. This scooter is not waterproof so it is better to not let it submerge in water as well.

Bottom Line

This scooter comprises of a number of amazing features, including the dual brakes system consisting of an anti-lock system that ensures added safety for the rider. Overall, this scooter is a great all-around option that users have been recommending for quite some time now.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter
  • Power: 350 W
  • Battery: 24V
  • Range: 18.6 miles
  • Max. Load Capacity: 265 pounds

5. URBANMAX 380W Electric Scooter

“An elegant ride”

  • Can take a maximum weight of 265 pounds
  • Body with a high structural strength
  • Range of 20 miles
  • Might be a little uncomfortable on bumpy roads

This Urban Max electric scooter packs a lot of juice in its 380W motor that gives a much-needed boost to support heavy adults in reaching a maximum speed of 18.6mph and riding on 20% inclines.

This machine is jam-packed with exciting features that definitely makes this a highly sought out scooter in the market. You will also be amazed by its sleek design and visuals that are particularly relevant for adults who do not want to feel like they are using a children’s toy.

This scooter for heavy adults also ensures that you will have a safe and comfortable riding experience due to its double braking system. Top-notch quality E-ABS brakes have been installed in this scooter that is integrated with the large 8.5” tires for extra safety. The safety feature is further enhanced by the wide deck design on this scooter that helps you get the right balance while riding.

Another amazing specification of this bike is its LED display attached to the handlebars that display your battery level in addition to your current speed. The LED display has a couple of lights as well for various purposes, for instance, the red light glows when the scooter’s motion mode is selected. On the other hand, a white led light indicates that the scooter is in a normal mode.

Our team was also be surprised by the high capacity batteries installed in this scooter. UrbanMax has engineered this scooter with 10AH lithium batteries that are guaranteed to take you to great distances as you can easily travel for up to 20 miles in a single charge. This scooter has a quick charge time of 3-5 hours so that you do not have to wait for long hours before heading out.

If you are a newbie when it comes to electric scooters, then do not worry, as there are three different riding modes in this scooter with different maximum throttle speeds. You can easily try out the low-speed modes before challenging yourself to higher speeds. Moving on, the bike has a wide handlebar design that provides you with greater balance, especially on slippery surfaces.

Bottom Line

The UrbanMax electric scooter is based on a strong and lightweight frame that has thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance capabilities. That being said, if you are in the hunt for a durable and reliable investment then it would be worth your time to examine this option out as well as it made to our list of best electric scooter for heavy adults.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: URBANMAX Electric Scooter
  • Power: 380 W
  • Battery: 10AH (40 cells) lithium batteries – 270Wh
  • Range: 20 miles
  • Max. Load Capacity: 265 pounds

6. Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter

“Great energy efficiency”

  • Mechanical and Electronic brakes for added safety
  • Belongs to the Hover 1 family
  • Durable tires
  • Low comparative distance coverage

Hover 1 is known for its innovative electric products like electric skateboards, buggy karts, e-bikes and hoverboards. One of these product ranges Hover-1 is particularly recognized for is its range of electric scooters, and within the electric scooters, the Alpha clearly stands out.

This scooter consists of a 36V battery pack that holds the capacity of delivering improved performance. The 30 cell li-Ion batteries are UL certified and this is important because products certified by UL show that they have undergone extreme testing and have passed all the requirements necessary to ensure consumer safety.

These batteries also have a lifespan of up to 5000 cycles and they require no maintenance. Another great aspect of these batteries is that they can charge in a matter of 4.5 to 6.5 hours.

The Alpha electric scooter features a 450 W brushless motor that does not require any maintenance. So if you are looking for a one-time investment without incurring recurring maintenance or repair costs then you should definitely consider this scooter. The motor is highly efficient in getting its job done, and that is apparent from it being able to support a maximum weight of 264 pounds that is a plus point for overweight adults.

Talking about the speed of this scooter, it can travel to a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour. This speed is considered more than enough for an electric scooter and is sufficient for your daily commutes. You can also travel up to 12 miles in one charge, making it completely adequate for short travels, but it would be recommended to not take this scooter on long distances.

Moving on, this scooter includes dual 10” air tires and the biggest advantage of having these tires in your scooter is their ability to take on the unevenness of the road. This makes your riding experience smoother and less shaky. The thicker tread also ensures enhanced traction in the wheels that come handy in loose of slippery surfaces.

Another unique feature of this scooter is the built-in blue tooth speakers that you can connect with your smartphone anytime. This makes your journeys even more enjoyable, and are really useful when you forget to bring your earphones with you.

Alpha electric scooter also has a LED display integrated with handlebars that display the battery levels and your current speed. Finally, the scooter’s safety is further guaranteed with the use of mechanical and electric brakes that are highly responsive and reliable.

Bottom Line

This scooter promises its users a convenient, adventurous, and aesthetic ride that is practical as well due to its foldable design that greatly compacts its overall size for easy carrying.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: Hover-1 Alpha Electric Kick Scooter
  • Power: 451 W
  • Battery: 36V – 6.06Ah
  • Range: 12 miles
  • Max. Load Capacity: 264 pounds

7. Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter

“Ultimate Commuter Scooter”

  • Strong front fork suspension
  • Distinctive standing foldable shape
  • Durable structure
  • The motor has slightly less power but its not very noticeable

Glion Dolly Electric Scooter aims on getting rid of exhaustive bike rides and cumbersome traffic jams in cars with its energy-efficient electric scooter that is sure to make your daily commutes more enjoyable and quick.

The scooter features a patented design that makes it more lightweight and portable than the competition. The scooter’s frame is manufactured from a 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum that dramatically increases its longevity and improves its ability to withstand corrosion. The sleek design and geometry also improve the energy efficiency of this scooter, meaning you can travel greater miles with the same level of charging.

Additionally, Glion has engineered this scooter with 8” tires that have a honeycomb interior that is based on a military design. The tires therefore never go flat or require any air and this is a major plus point that you should definitely consider before buying a scooter. These tires are integrated with an anti-lock electric brake that is placed inside the rear hub motor.

Furthermore, this scooter features water-resistant hand controls that add to its versatility. The handlebar has an LED indicator to display the remaining battery of the scooter, and the scooter features a handy pedestrian bell as well. Moreover, the twist grip on the right side of the handlebar allows riders to accelerate, while the left twist grip is used to activate the brakes.

Another distinctive feature of this scooter is its front fork suspension that is rarely found in a scooter in this price range. The usefulness of a suspension can never be ignored, as it greatly enhances the ride’s shock absorption capacity.

Not only does this make your ride smoother, but it also helps you keep your balance as an unforeseen major bump can quickly lead you off balance and falling from your scooter. It goes without saying that overweight individuals who are not quick on their feet should consider this aspect of an electric scooter as well.

Moreover, the Gilion Dolly Electric scooter only weighs 28 pounds and it delivers on its promise of being portable with its vertical self-standing capability, roller wheels, and foldable handles. You can fold this bike in a matter of a second with a foot-activated mechanism and move it around just like a suitcase without having to actually carry it in your hands.

Our review would be incomplete without mentioning talking about its motor and battery. It has a 250-watt battery that delivers a top speed of 15 miles per hour. The scooter can carry a maximum weight of 255 pounds and it can travel up to 15 miles in a single charge that takes about 3.5 hours.  

Bottom Line

The Glion Dolly comprises of a number of unique features or components that is sure to make your investment worth every penny as its one of the best electric scooter for heavy adults out there in the market.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: Glion Dolly Electric Scooter
  • Power: 250 W
  • Battery: 36V – 7.8Ah
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Max. Load Capacity: 255 pounds


“A scooter with a powerful motor”

  • Strong LED light for darkness
  • Shock Absorbing tires
  • Adaptive features
  • It can make a squeaky noise while riding

GXL is Gotrax’s most powerful electric scooter and it is based on an ingenious design that makes it highly versatile and portable. Apart from the sleek features, this electric scooter has an outstanding visual appeal that is sure to make you look good on your short travels.

The GXL has 8.5” pneumatic tires that are recognized for their durability, something that particularly comes in handy in sailing through tight and rough city streets. These tires have shock-absorbing capability as well that made it really easy for me to travel through unexpected bumps.

Gotrax has installed a 250-watt motor on this scooter that gives this scooter a much-needed boost for carrying heavy adults. This motor enables the bike to withstand a weight of up to 220 pounds along with giving the bike a high speed of 15.5 miles per hour. The weight support is provided by the X frame as well which is made from reinforced components making your investment a long-lasting one.

Additionally, the GXL has a 36V battery because of which you can travel up to 9-12 miles in a single charge without having to worry about it giving up on your right when you needed it the most. These batteries are Ul2271 certified because of which ensures the safety of your ride, and you can fully recharge these batteries in a matter of 4 hours.

Moving on, this scooter has a portable design that allows it to be folded down and stored under your desk or trunk. Additionally, the lightweight design makes it even easier for you to carry it around when the need arises, especially in your daily commutes when you hop on the bus or train.

Another outstanding feature of this scooter is its handlebar design that not only has comfortable handle grips but it also has a small LED display that tracks your battery life and speed. Furthermore, this scooter is IP54 water-resistant, meaning you can easily ride through puddles without compromising on the longevity of your scooter.

Our review would not be complete without talking about the brakes in this machine. The scooter has a rear disc brake and front electromagnetic brakes that work like a charm. These brakes are very responsive, and they saved me from bumping into pedestrians a couple of times as well.

Bottom Line

This is a great electric scooter available at an affordable price, offering amazing value due to its components and design features. If you are looking for a scooter that does not only have classy visuals but it leaves minimal carbon footprints then you should definitely consider this one.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: GOTRAX GXL V1
  • Power: 250 W
  • Battery: 36V
  • Range: 9-12 miles
  • Max. Load Capacity: 220 pounds

9. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Scooter

“Superior technology”

  • Great distance coverage in a single charge
  • Backed by warranties
  • Mobile app connectivity
  • Not the most compact or light scooter

Max electric scooter is one of the latest and most premium electric scooter Segway has to offer. Segway has revamped their previous scooters in order to develop this one, and the result is a remarkable machine with outstanding components and specifications.

The Segway Max comes with an innovative battery management system that relies on the use of 551W lithium batteries. The use of these premium and powerful batteries along with some smart engineering allows the bike to automatically enable various protection systems to protect the scooter from overcurrent, two-way charging, and short circuit. The protection mechanisms installed in the scooter activates temperature protection to increase the scooter’s longevity and maximize customer safety.

Moving on, this scooter has a wide platform of 7” that can support two people at the same time. The platform is based on an anti-slippery design that allows for an enhanced grip so that the rider can always stay balanced on the scooter. Wider platforms not only make your rides safer because of the added balance, but they also make them more enjoyable as you can change your standing position with ease during the rides.

The Max is also integrated with a mobile app that allows you to easily manage and monitor your journeys, including distance covered, time taken and average speed. This feature is a unique aspect of this scooter, and if you love tracking your journeys to find the optimal route or to beat your own records without having to record them manually after every single ride then you should make sure to check this scooter.

Shifting gears to some important specifications, this scooter is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 220 pounds with its 350 W motor. It can easily travel up to 40 miles in a single charge and it can reach a maximum speed of 18.6 miles per hour. The Max therefore clearly stands out when it comes to offering great distance coverage in a single charge that only takes 6 hours.

Furthermore, these scooters are manufactured from the highest quality components that greatly improves their durability and reliability. The scooter has an IP7 water resistance on its core components and it is backed by a 1-year or 180-days warranty for different parts. So if you are not entirely sure about making an online purchase with the fear of receiving a faulty product then know that these warranties are more than enough to cater to any of your possible concerns.

Bottom Line

The Segway Ninebot Max electric scooter comprises of pioneering and superior technology such as multiple riding modes, Bluetooth connectivity, consistent upgrades, and cruise controls. All packed in a visually appealing and classy design, this scooter is a must-have if you are not on a tight budget.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: Segway Ninebot Max Electric Scooter
  • Power: 350 W
  • Battery: 551Wh Batteries
  • Range: 40.4 miles
  • Max. Load Capacity: 220 pounds

10. Qiewa Q1 Hummer

“A heavy-duty machine”

  • Dual Shock Absorbers
  • 4 Led lights
  • Comes with a Security Lock
  • The handlebar could require to be further tightened

The Q1 Hummer stands in a league of its own due to its unmatched specifications. This heavy-duty machine packs high power and ensures great distance coverage because of which it has forced everyone to re-imagine what an electric scooter is capable of achieving.

This scooter has an insane 800Watts motor that allows it to drive for about 65 miles or 100 kilometers on a single charge. If this was not exceptional enough, you can even conquer 35-degree inclines on this scooter with ease.

It has a maximum speed of 37 MPH that is sure to give you a feeling of freedom and excitement like you have never experienced before on a scooter. QIEWA has also installed a 26AH 5C 18650-lithium battery that increases its maximum weight capacity to 550 pounds. If you weigh a bit heavier on the scales then you can rest assured that this scooter is more than capable of taking over your weight and giving you an unforgettable experience.

Equally important is to mention that this scooter has dual shock absorbers that greatly enhances this scooter’s comfort level and agility. Additionally, the double-disc brakes in this bike are made from durable materials that greatly reduce the worn-out problem in brakes. It is also important to mention that this is a single motor scooter, which gives it an advantage over dual-motor scooters, as it provides twice the battery endurance and distance.

Furthermore, the tire’s design on the Q1 Hummer consists of tread rubber, sidewall rubber integrated with a three-legged plastic. These 10 inches imported tires that are engineered with a steel wire layer ensure more stable and smooth rides on any road. Moreover, the Q1 Hummer features a unique accelerator design that revamps the riding experience and puts more control in your hands.

Other features include an anti-theft remote key that will lock your scooter just like any other car. You can also fold this scooter in a matter of 2 seconds and then store it conveniently anywhere you want. The scooter also has a USB charging hole that charges the lithium batteries effectively.

Our review would not be complete without mentioning the LED lights installed in this scooter as the bike has 4 LED lights that make driving at nights super easy. You can also ride this electric scooter without the fear of rain, as this is IP6 waterproof. We would still however recommend not to let the water level go above the pedal.

Bottom Line

This top-of-the-line electric scooter has revamped the electric scooters landscape. This scooter however resides in the high price range, making it even more important to assess all your possible options before making the final call for this best electric scooter for heavy adults.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Electric Scooter Name: Qiewa Q1 Hummer
  • Power: 800 W
  • Battery: 26Ah 5C 18560 Lithium batteries
  • Range: 65 miles
  • Max. Load Capacity: 550 pounds


Electric Scooters are a clean and practical method of instant travel and commute and their acceptability is rising day by day. People of all ages have been investing in electric scooters recently, and in this article, we mentioned the best electric scooters you should definitely check out before making your purchase.

We hope that this article benefitted you, and make sure to leave a comment or recommendation in the comment box below.

Beegle Haroon is an avid traveller, adventurer and a parent. He loves bike riding, hiking, camping and outdoor activities with his two lovely kids, which help him connect closely with nature and enjoy life. He believes in living an adventurous life, and documents his journey and experiences with his audience through his writing.

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