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10 Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

Finding an E-bike has never been easy. From daily commuters to full-fledged trail bikes, they come in all shapes and sizes. An E-bike can help you play a part in reducing climate change since they don’t consume any kind of fuel except your calories.

We have curated a list of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars to help you find one. Each bike has been reviewed and tested by our team.

Best electric bikes under 1000 dollars

Bike NameWheelsBrakesPrice
1. Overfly Foldable Electric Bike20"Tektro Disc Check Price
2. HOTEBIKE Powerful Electric Bike26"Dual Disc Check Price
3. NAKTO City Electric Bicycle26"Dual Disc Check Price
4. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike26"Dual Disc Check Price
5. Rattan Fat Bear Plus Electric Bike16"Hydraulic Disc Check Price
6. NCM Prague Electric Bike27.5"Tektro Disc Check Price
7. Qualisports Electric Ebike Volador16"Dual Disc Check Price
8. Schwinn Vantage FXe 650b23"Tektro Disc Check Price
9. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite16"Dual Disc Check Price
10. YANCPRO Mountain Electric Bike27.5"Shimano BRM375 Check Price

1. Overfly Foldable Electric Bike

“Your Portable Companion”

  • Branded Parts
  • Removable Battery
  • Fat Tires
  • Only one color variant

Overfly’s Foldable Electric Bike has been designed with portability in mind. The foldable frame allows it to be carried around anywhere. It’s best suited for the daily commuters and those who want to contribute to the environment.

The frame on smaller bikes need to be durable and lightweight, Overfly’s Foldable Electric Bike offers both. 6061 Aluminum used in the casting of the frame has to be commended, not only does it help the bike to remain lightweight, but it also makes sure that the bike absorbs maximum shocks upon impact on bumpy roads.

The foldability is another eye-catching aspect of this bike. You can simply fold it and keep it in a relatively smaller place. If you’re someone who lives in an apartment and faces trouble carrying the bike then you can simply just fold the bike and carry it like a bag to your place, the frame is also lightweight so you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself whilst carrying it. Even with the battery inserted it remains lightweight.

Now, let’s talk about the functionality of the Overfly Foldable Electric Bike. The main driving force in this bike comes from the 500W BAFANG Brushless motor, which remains silent and has minimal friction. To drive the motor, it comes with a 10.4Ah battery, which might not sound much but it’s the perfect fit for the daily commuter. You can expect around 30-40 miles on a full charge.

However, steep paths are a big no for this bike and you’ll have to use the pedal assist. The battery can be removed easily and doesn’t require any fancy equipment. This is important for those who want their stuff to last since batteries are the first to die in any product.

It comes with TEKTRO disc brakes and the cut-off feature, this feature makes sure that the power supply to the motor is dropped when brakes are engaged, this prevents damage to the motor itself and the electronic components present in the bike.

It also comes with a 7-speed Shimano gear shift, which allows the rider to engage gears according to the terrain. The absence of an active suspension can’t be noticed since this bike comes with 20” 4.0 Kenda fat tires. The Fat tires in this bike are amazing at absorbing shocks and provide great handling as well.

Bottom Line

This bike delivers what it promises. Despite being at this price point, it includes parts from well-known suppliers like Kenda, Shimano, TEKTRO, and Bafang. Moreover, the removable battery ensures the longevity of this bike. This bike is the best fit for anyone who’s looking to get his/her first electric bike. Overfly’s Foldable Electric Bike won’t disappoint you, and thus it made it to our list of best electric bikes under 1000 dollars.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Overfly Foldable Electric Bike
  • Suspension: EXA Suspension Seatpost
  • Wheels: 20”
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum frame
  • Brakes: Tektro Disc Brakes

2. HOTEBIKE Powerful Electric Mountain Bike

“Efficient Powerhouse”

  • Removable Battery
  • Durable Aluminium Frame
  • The battery can be charged out of the enclosure
  • I wish it could have more power

Mountain bikes are designed to be rugged and strong because they face the toughest terrains out there. HOTEBIKE’s Powerful Electric Mountain Bike is no exception. It carries the pride of a mountain bike with an electric heart.

The first thing you’ll notice in this bike will be a tall and sturdy frame. The frame measures 42 inches horizontally and approximately 70 inches vertically. Along with the adjustable saddle, it makes a perfect fit for tall people as well. 6061 aluminum alloy has been used in the frame and it’s quite strong whilst being lightweight. The frame is strong enough to carry a maximum load of 330lbs.

The main power unit of this bike is a 350W Rear Hub motor. The motor on this bike isn’t designed to be powerful rather it is designed to ease off some workload from your legs. It has a maximum speed of around 20mph without any pedal assist. Coupled with pedal assistance you can expect a top speed around 40mph easily.

It also offers 5 levels of pedal assist that help conserve rider’s energy. You can commute to your nearby places without even breaking a sweat. There’s a 21-speed gear present on this that works very well on all terrains.  The gear works smoothly and has minimal delay whilst shifting gears.

This bike is powered by a 10Ah Lithium-ion battery. The battery can be charged separately and you can get spare batteries as well. I was able to charge the whole battery in roughly 5-6 hours. This is great for those who love long bike rides but hate the ever discharging batteries. You can expect 35-50 miles from this on a single charge. However, it all depends on the weight of the rider, terrain type, and the use of pedal assist.

I didn’t feel any lack of an active suspension since the front fork handles the uneven surfaces easily. The bike is designed specifically to be a trail bike and for the smooth furnished roads and it runs magnificently on them. To make sure you’re following the speed limits specified by your localities, it has a built-in speedometer that shows you your current speed on the LCD.

Moreover, to keep track of your journey, it shows distance traveled alongside temperature and current battery capacity. There’s a LED headlight present on this bike that can help you commute through dark and dim terrains. If you’re someone who wants to keep their gadgets charged whilst biking, then this bike has a USB port that you can use to keep your stuff charged.

Bottom Line

The build of this bike is strong and durable. I had this bike for over a week for review and I encountered no issues at all. The bike remains stable at all times and you can swap out batteries on the go. This is one of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: HOTEBIKE Powerful Electric Mountain Bike
  • Suspension: Fork Suspension
  • Wheels: 26″
  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Brakes: Front and Rear 160 Disc Brake

3. NAKTO 26’’ City Electric Bicycle

“Proven design with a young heart”

  • Vintage Safety Bicycle Design
  • SHIMANO Gear System
  • Removable Battery
  • Suspension could have been better

This City Bike is rather unique since it sports an age-old yet proven ‘Safety Bicycle’ design with a motor. It looks aesthetically pleasing with its vintage looks and performs remarkably as well.

‘Safety Bicycle’ design was once widely adopted throughout the globe and to this day is popular in many countries. This bike can be nostalgic for a lot of people who’ve had similarly designed bicycles before. Talking about the frame, it’s a carbon steel frame that holds up pretty well for this design.

The bike weighs in at 70lbs with the battery in the enclosure. The saddle here can be adjusted according to the rider’s requirement, being a 26” bike it provides ample comfort for tall and short riders alike. Most electric bikes out there don’t come with a carrying rack, however, this bike ships with a carrying rack out of the box. 

Let’s come to the technicalities of this bike. The young heart driving this vintage design is a 250W brushless motor. For the most common tasks that don’t require carrying extra weight, it works fine and tops up at the speed of 20-30 MPH. However, when carrying something like groceries you need to enable pedal-assist since the 250W brushless motor doesn’t have enough torque to bring the wheels in motion.

This bike features a six-speed SHIMANO gear system that works just like a normal gear. You can ride it like a normal bicycle or you can switch to pedal-assist and ease pressure from your legs. The brakes on this bike aren’t based on the vintage brake pad design. It features a V brake on the front and an expansion brake on the rear. I had no trouble stopping the bike with the brakes, they work as intended.

The battery powering this bike is 10Ah battery and you can easily expect 20-30 miles coupled with pedal assist. The battery can be removed from its enclosure and the replacements can be bought easily online. This model comes with a front headlight that can help you commute through dark roads at night.

There are no active suspensions present in this bike but NAKTO has a workaround for it using suspension forks which work pretty well and provide ample shock absorption on uneven roads.  This bike is also covered under a 1-year parts warranty.

Bottom Line

It provides comfort and aesthetics in one package. With the addition of a carrying rack and basket, bringing your daily groceries is a delight on this bike. If you’re not a fan of modern looking bikes and want something unique or vintage perhaps, then this bike might be the fit for you.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: NAKTO 26’’ City Electric Bicycle
  • Suspension: Fork Suspension
  • Wheels: 26″
  • Frame: Carbon Steel
  • Brakes: Pads on front, Disc on rear

4. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

“SUV of Electric Bikes”

  • Exceptional Off-Road Capability
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 500W Brushless Motor
  • 4.0 Anti-Skid Tires
  • Absence of Headlights
  • Handle Height Can’t be Adjusted

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike is designed for adrenaline chasers. The fat tires on this bike are there to conquer the tougher terrains like sand and snow.

It captivates your attention with its rugged sporty look at first glance. It has the standard sand bike design which is pretty ergonomic. It has a 26” Aluminium alloy frame. The choice of Aluminium alloy for the frame allows the bike to remain as lightweight as possible since it is designed for uncommon terrains. 

This electric bike stays at 58lbs even with the battery inserted. The lightweight frame makes sure that the bike has the least chance to get stuck in sand or snow. The frame is overall pretty durable and neatly finished. For a bike that’s designed to cruise in sand and snow, the frame is nicely sealed from everywhere, making sure no sand particles get into it and cause friction.

It has a maximum load capacity of 260lbs, which is more than enough for most people, although more weight might be detrimental to the performance of this bike. Furthermore, the frame comes pre-assembled so you don’t have to go through the manuals just to get the pieces fixed up.

Let’s discuss the motor powering this mini off-roader. It’s a 500W rear brushless motor, which is powerful enough to drive this bike out of tough terrains. On normal terrains like roads, its performance is comparable to other fat-tire bikes but it shines through the extreme terrains where other bikes fail.

I first thought the motor won’t be able to deliver torque needed to move the wheels in sand, however, I was proven wrong and the bike needed no external force to get it moving. This shows how powerful this 500W motor exactly is. You can expect a top speed of 23MPH with this bike on average conditions.

There’s a 7-speed SHIMANO gear system that works amazingly well. The lower gears perform exceptionally well in sand and snow and for long journeys, the higher gears work just fine. There’s pedal-assist present on this bike that can help relieve some work from your legs and leave it to the motor.

Pedal-assist can be switched to various modes depending on the rider’s preference. The battery powering this bike is a 36V 12Ah battery. The battery is removable and can be charged outside of its enclosure. This means that you can leave the bike outside, pop out the battery and charge it inside. You can expect around 30 miles per full charge on normal conditions.

The bike incorporates security features like power lock and battery lock which work just the way you expect them to do. The brakes on this are TEKTRO disc brakes that work perfectly in all weather conditions and terrains. The absence of suspension on this bike isn’t noticeable at all because of the fat tires installed. The tires on this bike are 4.0 Anti-Skidding tires which are the main highlight of this bike. They provide superb adaptability to sand, snow, and other terrains which may not be feasible for normal tires. 

Bottom Line

With Anti-Skidding tires and a large powerful battery, it can challenge the complex topographies out there. For someone who lives near a beach or has snow most of the time outside, this is one of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • Suspension: Fork Suspension
  • Wheels: 26″
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy
  • Brakes: Disc Brakes

5. Rattan Fat Bear Plus Electric Mount Bike

“Small and Sporty”

  • SHIMANO 8-Speed Gear
  • Hydraulic Shocks
  • I-PAS System (patented)
  • Fat Tires
  • Only 3 Pedal Assist Modes

If there was a bike that incorporated multiple personalities then it surely would be Rattan Fat Bear Plus Electric Mountain Bike. Rattan really took some time and brought out one of the most innovative designs. It carries the spirit of a mountain bike in a compact portable manner.

Rattan Fat Bear Plus Electric Mount Bike has a rather small but unique build. The aluminum alloy frame is surprisingly strong and provides extreme adaptability to shocks. The size of the frame is 20” and weighs in at 53lbs. The best thing about this frame is the folding capability. Being an excellent off-roader and portable as well would be the major to consider buying this E-bike. Bear in mind that I was continuously folding and unfolding it daily throughout my usage and the fold/unfold process went smoothly every time.

I thought the folding hinges would get loose after a week’s use, but they remained stiff. Combining both capabilities without compromising on safety and stability is surely a major feat achieved by Rattan.  The saddle can be adjusted and taller people should have no complaints at all.

There’s a 500W Brushless motor powering the bike along with Rattan’s in house I-PAS system with the top speed of 27mph.  I-PAS system is a patented technology that helps conserve the energy expenditure. It switches back and forth between various modes to help save energy and in most cases saves up to 50% power. Most systems like these are gimmicky but I-PAS system delivers.

Let’s talk about the batteries. Here, Rattan didn’t cheap out on non-branded lithium batteries and went with Samsung lithium batteries instead. The total battery capacity is 11.6Ah. These batteries are industry standard and coupled with the I-PAS system they can up to 60 miles of coverage in a single charge. The batteries can also be charged by using regenerative energy. I tried the regenerative energy feature a couple of times during the review and the results were amazing. I was able to charge the battery by 20-30% on average which is great if you’re in a remote location and can’t find any power outlet.

There’s also an 8-speed SHIMANO gear system installed on this bike which works in accordance with the I-PAS system. Be it hill-climbing, sand, and snow, Rattan Fat Bear Plus Electric Mount Bike has got your back.

The brakes on this bike are quite promising. Hydraulic disc brakes are present on both front and rear. The main advantage here of using disc brakes is to make sure the bike guarantees rider’s safety in all weather conditions since normal mechanical brakes are prone to failure in tough weather conditions like rain.

The suspensions used in the Fat Bear are hydraulic forks that provide sufficient shock absorption on bumpy roads and off-road paths. The 4.0 Fat tires add further shock absorption and make the overall riding experience pleasant. To monitor your speed, covered distance, battery capacity, there’s a flat panel display fitted on the handlebar.

The auto-headlight is unique and turns on the headlight automatically upon the detection of night. There’s one year warranty for parts including motor, battery, and charger.

Bottom Line

Fat Bear Plus is an excellent off-roader in a compact size. The shocks are a bonus on this bike since most e-bikes lack proper shocks. If you’re looking for one of the best electric bikes under 1000 dollars keeping portability in mind then this bike can be an excellent choice.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Rattan Fat Bear Plus Electric Mount Bike
  • Suspension: Hydraulic Fork
  • Wheels: 4.0 Fat Tires
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy
  • Brakes: Hyrdaulic Disc Brakes

6. NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

“Charged Adrenaline”

  • Dedicated Das-Kit Computer Chip
  • Exceptional Gear System
  • Large battery
  • Branded Parts
  • Battery is fixed

There are many bikes out there that are proclaimed to be ‘Electric Mountain Bike’ by the manufacturers but they always fall short on things like suspension, battery, and motor power. However, NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike isn’t one of them and lives up to its claim.

At first glance, NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike looks like every other mountain bike out there. Well, it not only inherits the looks, but it also inherits the overall functionality of a mountain bike as well.

The frame is cast from aluminum alloy and provides exceptional strength and durability. The assembled frame weighs in at 55lbs and which includes the battery as well. The frame can handle a maximum load of 275lbs, although it’s not suggested to cross the 250lb mark.

The motor powering NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike is rated at 350W and is Das-Kit rear-drive motor. I was able to reach a maximum top speed of 20mph during the review with ease. Your top speed might be different depending on your weight. The choice of using a branded motor is unique because most of the e-bikes out there have an undisclosed motor manufacturer.

The motor might appear to be slightly underpowered at 350W but in my testing, I was able to climb steep hills with minimum pedal-assist. Even bikes with 500W motors struggle with that sort of tasks.  

It comes with the Shimano Altus Rapid Fire shifter system that can provide 21 different configurations to combat differing scenarios. Mountain Bikes need exceptional gear to perform normal and NCM’s choice of gear system in this particular model shows their dedication to performance. A total of 6 different pedal assist modes are offered. The battery here is 13Ah DeHawk battery which performs superbly. A full charge can last you up to 60 miles with ease in economy mode. You can go higher if you use pedal assist.

The brakes used in this bike are Tektro MD-M280 aluminum calipers. The brakes provide exceptional grip on all kinds of terrains. Shock suspension is important in mountain bikes since they remain on bumpy uneven paths all the time. NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike incorporates Suntour XCT suspension fork to counter the suspension issues.

The suspension performs brilliantly and you won’t even feel a hitch whilst you’re on the saddle. The LCD display present on this bike gives you all the information you need such as speed, distance, battery percentage, pedal-assist mode, and temperature.

Bottom Line

Nearly all of the parts installed in this bike come from reputed part makers and that’s a plus point. If you like trail riding or are looking to do it for fun and want an E-bike then this might be the choice for you.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike
  • Suspension: Suntour XCT suspension
  • Wheels: 27.5″
  • Frame: Aluminium Alloy
  • Brakes: Tektro Disc Brakes

7. Qualisports Electric Ebike Volador

“Unfold it and ride it”

  • Foldable Frame
  • Rapid charging
  • Warranty
  • The battery doesn’t last long

Not everyone loves to have a big bulky bike to just be able to commute in their localities. Sometimes people want something smaller, compact, and portable. Keeping those certain requirements in view, Qualisports Electric Ebike Volador has the guts to be your all-around daily commuter.

The overall design of this bike inspired from a scooter.The frame is constructed from durable yet extremely lightweight aluminum.

Even though the bike weighs only 36lbs yet it can handle the load of 220lbs, which is like 6 times its own weight. The credit goes to the design of the frame and how it distributes weight across the tires. The bike has a fully foldable frame which makes the storage and transportation quick and easy.

Volador is powered by a 350W motor that is capable of delivering top speeds of 18mph. The  LCD present on this bike displays distance, speed, headlight, and battery status, cruise control function, and much more.

The battery is present inside the seat tube keeping it clean, safe, and discreet. This bike lacks suspension. Which means there is no compensation for uneven terrains or bumpy roads. Volador is therefore only suitable for smooth terrains and short commutes. Shimano 7-speed mechanical gear system is installed and makes sure that this bike remains an efficient commuter. The gear system is incredibly efficient at conserving your energy, with minimal effort you can journey through hilly areas.

The Samsung 7Ah battery makes this bike the fastest charging bike of this list. The smaller form factor comes at a cost and that’s with the battery. The battery may not be sufficient for a day of use and may require multiple charging sessions to keep it going.

Disc brakes are present on both rear and front wheels. The brakes require a minimum push to the level to apply them. Qualisports is giving a 1-year warranty for the bike and 2 years warranty for the battery. This clearly indicates that the company has huge confidence in this bike which ensures that the customers’ have a stress-free buying experience.

Bottom Line

Give yourself a break from unpacking, assembling the bike every time you want to take a ride because Volador comes completely assembled. Unfold the bike, attach batteries and you are ready for a ride. The company also gives a flashlight with batteries, a bell, a fender set, and a tool bag in case of future repairs.

If you’re looking for a daily commuter that can carry you through hills then Qualisports Electric Ebike Volador can be your consideration.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Qualisports Electric Ebike Volador
  • Suspension: Fork Suspension
  • Wheels: 16″
  • Frame: Aluminum Grade 6061
  • Brakes: Disc Brakes

8. Schwinn Vantage FXe 650b

“Commute with ease”

  • Long-Lasting battery
  • Pedal mounted motor
  • Tektro Disc Brakes
  • Slightly underpowered

This bike is pretty different from the most E-bikes out there. Instead of hosting the motor on the rear bearing, it is fixed on the pedal section of the frame. This bike is specifically designed to be used with pedal assist and it works well within the requirements of an average user.

At first glance, it looks like every other bike out there. The frame is made of custom aluminum alloy with persisting design elements throughout the body. The frame is based on the standard mountain bike design with a mustache style handlebar.

Many riders suffer from exhausted and painful forearms because of continuous riding on badly designed handlebars, mustache style bar helps your wrists and forearms to remain in an active position without tiring them out. Schwinn Vantage FXe 650b weighs in at 45lbs with everything assembled.

The bike is designed to ease the commuting process between your localities. It is powered by a Bosch Performance Line Cruise 250-watt motor. This may not sound much on the paper, but practically its enough for the bike to function normally.

The motor is placed well within the pedal unit. The pedal-assist feels different on this bike as compared to the other because of the motor’s location. You can expect a top speed of 20mph coupled with assistance from the 250W motor. The gears present on this bike are SRAM Apex 11. The gear system requires minimal maintenance to keep going.

Vantage FXe 650b has relatively a larger battery as compared to its competitors in this price range. The battery sits well with the frame and can be fully charged within 5 hours. The battery has a capacity rated at 11Ah. The battery along with the 250W motor can provide you a total of 50 miles per one full charge.

A commuter needs quick and efficient brakes since the urban roads can be dangerous to ride at times. Luckily Tektro aluminum mechanical disc brakes are installed on both front and rear wheels. The brake performance is above my expectations and they take little to no time to stop the motion of wheels.

You can expect a consistent brake performance from this bike on city roads. Another highlight of this bike is the wheels with aluminum double-walled rims and Kenda 650c tires. 

Bottom Line

Kenda tires, Pedal mounted Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor, and Tektro disc brakes are the main highlights of this bike. Schwinn Vantage FXe 650b delivers what it claims and can be a great choice if you’re looking to buy a daily commuter that performs up to the mark.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Schwinn Vantage FXe 650b
  • Suspension: Carbon Fork
  • Wheels: 23”
  • Frame: Custom Aluminium Alloy
  • Brakes: Tektro Disc Brakes

9. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite

“Ride with elegancy”

  • Throttle mode
  • Removable Battery
  • Very good suspension
  • One Speed Gear

From being used in wars to our daily commuters, foldable bikes have come a long way since their invention in the 19th century. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 is another step in the innovation of foldable bikes. It’s a cross between traditional bikes and e-bikes that does very well for its purpose.

The bike resembles a scooter at first glance and has a vibrant color job. It has a relatively tiny foldable Aluminium frame. It features a three-fold design to ensure portability. The frame is durable and strong enough to stand a force of 260lbs.  Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite weighs merely 42.3lbs making it the lightest bike on this list.

EB-7 is powered by a 350W motor which makes the bike slightly overpowered for its size. The motor alone can provide you with enough torque to move across steep hills over 25-degrees. The bike features three modes, throttle only, pedal-assist and pedal-only.

The battery here is a 5.2Ah removable lithium-ion battery. It can give you a coverage of 15.5 miles on throttle only mode without breaking a sweat. You can expect the battery to get fully charged within 3-4 hours. There’s a one speed gear in this bike and you can’t complain about it at this price point.

350W motor really helps with the single speed gear. Unlike the majority of other E-bikes, this bike has a rear suspension that works fine on most roads. Don’t expect it to perform like a full-fledged suspension present on higher-end bikes.

Bottom Line

There are only 5 words to summarize this bike; affordable price, compact, good looking, dependable, and quality material. This bike has all the qualities to be a great commuter and is an excellent choice if you’re looking to get one.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: Swagtron Swagcycle EB-7 Elite
  • Suspension: Rear Suspension
  • Wheels: 16”
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Brakes: Dual Disc Brakes

10. YANCPRO Mountain Electric Bike

“For the Professionals”

  • Shimano 24-speed gear
  • Portable battery
  • Front suspension
  • LCD display is finicky

This Electric Mountain Bike is equipped with all the essentials you need in a professional mountain bike. From trails to extreme terrains, this bike can handle them all.

YANCPRO Mountain Electric Bike has a sturdy build that is carved out of industry-grade 6061 Aluminium Alloy. The entire bike weighs only 43lbs which is exceptional and that includes that battery as well. It can easily carry around 300lbs of weight because of its ergonomic design that distributes the weight across the tires efficiently.

The motor powering YANCPRO Mountain Electric Bike is a 300W brushless motor. The motor is very capable and can provide 14mph of assistance with pedaling. You can choose between assisted riding or pedal-only riding by switching it from the LCD panel mounted on the handlebar.

The LCD panel presents vital information like current battery status, riding mode, speed, and distance traveled.  There are also 5 varying levels of assistance provided by the 300W motor, all of which can be selected from the LCD panel.

Electric mountain bikes need a tough battery that can last long enough for most of the trail rides. YANCPRO offers a Samsung 8.7Ah portable Lithium-Ion battery. The battery can be charged externally and offers around 44 miles of assisted pedaling with one full charge. You can buy separate batteries online and keep them with you on your journeys.

Shimano gear system offers 24-speed configurations and works as intended. For long trails, high rev gears are a must. The front fork has  ZOOM VAXA 32S suspension that provides ample shock absorption throughout the trails and ensures comfortability. Shimano Disc Brakes are also present here on both rear and front wheels. Brakes are extremely comfortable and don’t require regular maintenance. However, it is still a good practice to service them from time to time to prevent any braking failure.

Bottom Line

YANCPRO Mountain Electric Bike offers high-end features at a relatively low price. All parts are from well-known part makers and are available readily. It’s a well-performing trail bike that can remain stable on tough and extreme terrains alike.  YANCPRO also offers a 2-year frame warranty. This bike deserves your attention if you’re to buy an electric mountain bike.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Bike Name: YANCPRO Mountain Electric Bike
  • Suspension: ZOOM VAXA 32S
  • Wheels: 27.5”
  • Frame: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Brakes: Shimano BR-M375


E-bikes have improved by miles since the last decade with the advent of cheaper batteries, motors, and micro controllers. It is easier than ever to find an e-bike that meets your requirements. Now you can easily choose among the best electric bikes under $1000.

Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite e-bike and the best feature on it!

Beegle Haroon is an avid traveller, adventurer and a parent. He loves bike riding, hiking, camping and outdoor activities with his two lovely kids, which help him connect closely with nature and enjoy life. He believes in living an adventurous life, and documents his journey and experiences with his audience through his writing.

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